Madeleine Fortmann, Wittekind Alpacas- Germany

Client from 2009

You and Dan looked like the perfect shearing team, I would say the best I ever saw, you shear very quickly and our Alpacas looked after shearing very handsome. I see you next year for shearing 2011 on our Farm. Best regards Maddy Wittekind Alpacas Germany

Leslie Eckhart, Monticello, FL

Client from 2007

We have used Adam's services since he first started shearing alpacas in Florida. We met Dan when he accompanied Adam in 2010 for our shearing day. We found them to be a careful and thoughtful shearing team, respecting both the needs of each individual alpaca, but their owners too. They understand that the fiber clip is the profit for the farm for that year. Bottom line: They are nice guys doing a good job of some very hard work and providing a valued service to the alpacas and owners. Thank you, Adam & Dan! -Leslie & Steve, FL, USA

Jerry and Liz Bates, Southern Estate Alpacas- Adairesville, GA

Client from 2007

Southern Estate Alpacas loves Adam and team! They did an awesome job shearing our herd of 42 alpacas! We feel like they are part of our family now that we have used them two years in a row. Can't wait to see them again next year!

The Team

Dan Mullet


Dan has been working with Adam since the very beginning. He apprenticed for two years before taking charge of his own team in the UK in 2010. Dan now works alongside Adam again in Germany and is an integral part of the european team.

Andrew Johnson

Andy is a relative newcomer to the shearing team. He is a PhD Doctor who just loves the shearing lifestyle so much that he can't stay away! Andy worked with the Germany team last year and will be assisting Adam in the U.S. in 2015.

Customer Testimonials

We really care about alpacas!

 Adam has been working with alpacas for over a decade. He is not only an experienced shearer, but has taken classes in fiber sorting, skirting, spinning, and husbandry. In 2007 he apprenticed with Matt Best of 'Best Shearing Services' and since then has gone on to shear in five countries and over 20 states, all over the world. Him and his assistants have handled tens of thousands of alpacas and will continue to improve and provide the best services possible.

Adams family owns 60 alpacas in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. There they run a "pasture to product' fiber farm. He has been involved in every stage of fiber production and knows exactly what is needed or detrimental for each step. These skills he translates to his shearing to ensure the best quality fleece harvest. He knows the importance of a quality show blanket or cut and will always work with you to make your animals look great.

Sharon and Don Wise, Alpacas of Cedar Ridge- Dubre, KY

Client from 2009

"They were pleasant to work with, and treated our animals with skill and respect. they were well organized without being pushy and demanding. It was a much less stressful shearing experience than our previous 6 years."

Launda Soper, Alpacas of Willow Hill- Deland, FL

Client from 2007

"Adam has fantastic skill not only as a shearer but as an animal handler. He shows great compassion and understanding while working with the animals and works diligently to avoid undue stress and discomfort for the alpacas. Adam also used skilled apprentices who are capable and knowledgable. We are highly pleased with the results of our shearing harvest!"

Angel Forbes Simmons, Alpacas of Maryland- Aquasco, MD

Client from 2012


"What Impressed me the most about Adam and team is that they communicate well with their clients. They call or email you back immediately if you contact them first. This is not my experience with most professional shearers. I would highly recommend them to shear for any alpaca or llama farm. It is a pleasure to be around such hard working young men and women who care about their work!"


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