01 November 2014

We are now accepting bookings for the 2015 shearing season. Please contact us with your details ASAP to secure a spot.


03 January 2015

The New website is up and running! please feel free to drop us a ine and let us know what you think. 

What Clients Say About Us

  • Alpaca and Llama Shearing
  • Teeth trimming and Fight teeth removal
  • Complimentary toenail trimming
  • Complimentary Show blanket and Show Cut shearing
  • Expert advice on skirting, sorting, and fiber production

Watch our Video!

This short five minute video will give you an idea of what to expect on shearing day. It will show you the process and the finished result! 

We offer a full range of shearing services at very competitive prices. We strive to bring you the best shearing experience you've ever had. Thats why over 90% of our business are repeat customers. Check out our price list for more details.

Our Services

Meet the team

We have used Adam's services since he first started shearing alpacas in Florida. We met Dan when he accompanied Adam in 2010 for our shearing day. We found them to be a careful and thoughtful shearing team, respecting both the needs of each individual alpaca, but their owners too. They understand that the fiber clip is the profit for the farm for that year. Bottom line: They are nice guys doing a good job of some very hard work and providing a valued service to the alpacas and owners. Thank you, Adam & Dan!


Leslie and Steve Eckhart

Deland, FL

Adam and Dan are great folks to work with. They care very much about doing the best job possible, and treating the animals with respect. They enjoy meeting their clients' needs with a smile and a great attitude. What impressed me the most about Adam and Dan is that they communicate well with their clients. They call or email you back immediately if you contact them first. This is not my experience with most professional shearers. I would highly recommend them to shear for any alpaca or llama farm. It is a pleasure to be around such hard working, young men who care about what their work!


Angel Forbes Simmons

Aquasco, MD

These are the guys you'll be seeing on shearing day. Get to know them!